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Hydraulic Starters With Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve


Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve; both HS-22 and HS-36 series are offered with this amazing product. Prevent down time with this easy to install ready to go right out of the box starter. There is nothing to adjust and nothing to worry about. Get the Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve. The Soft Engagement Valve. Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve Say Goodbye to Pressure Spikes That Hammer Your Hydraulic Starters.

The Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve™ Advantage: Ed Z., a Test Engineer and Pow-R-Quik customer says: “We set up our test rig so we could break the starter drive and the nose cone of our test starter with just one cycle. With the addition of the Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve™ to the rig with the same pressures and flow we have gone thousands of cycles and the pinion and the drive looks like new.”

Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve pow-r-quik-smart-r-valve-1

HS-223 Series Starter Valve P/N 6-10-603

  • Eliminates pressure spikes

  • Tested over a million cycles

  • Pre-Engages the pinion to ring gear

  • No adjustments Or Settings Required

  • Works to 40 degrees below zero

  • Flow rating: 40 GPM

  • Fluids: Mineral Based or Synthetics

  • Viscosity: 7.4 to 420 cSt (50 to 2000 SUS)

  • Consult factory for extreme temperature applications

  • Max Operating Pressure: 3300 PSI (227 Bar)

  • Temperature Range:-40° to 180° F

  • Viscosity: 7.4 to 420 cSt (50 to 2000 SUS)

Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve Porting pow-r-quik-smart-r-valve-1

HS-360 Series  Starter Valve P/N 6-10-601

  • SAE 06:"DR" Drain Port

  • SAE 16: "P"- Pump Port

  • SAE 16; "S"- Starter Port

  • ALL SAE ports are Straight Threaded O-ring Boss (ORB)

  • Recommended oil cleanliness level: 15/13/11

  • Return filter 10 micron or finer with a beta ratio greater than or equal to 200

  • The common cause of valve failure is due to fluid contamination


Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valves, Accessories, Parts & Repair Kits

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