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Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters

Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters

Heavy Duty Engine Starters

Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters and Hydraulic Starting System components will start engines from the smallest one cylinder diesel to the largest engines made. Pow-R-Quik HS series of heavy duty Hydraulic engine starters was specifically designed and developed for the Fracking, Oil and Gas Transportation and Marine service industry.

 Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters pow-r-quik-hs-223-hydraulic-gear-starter

Pow-R-Quik HS-22 Series Pdf Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

  • Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters HS 22 Series are now available with a Smart-R-Valve™

  • The Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters are based on the LS 23/24 air/gas starters.

  • The drive housing has been adapted to a Permco hydraulic gear motor to create the starter.

  • The heavy duty friction clutch is used as the drive for the Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters HS 22 series.

  • Different gear widths are used in the series 31 Permco motor to give the correct torque and speed.

  • Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters come in both left and right hand rotations.

  • The motors have case drains to relieve excessive back pressure that can cause seal failure.

  • The Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters HS series will take up to 3,000 psi and the oil flow varies with different gear width.

  • The motors have rear ports that have SAE “O” ring boss fittings.

  • Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters HS 22 series will start engines from 500 CID to 3,000 CID.

  • These Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters may be used with closed loop systems used on many “frac” truck applications.

  • These starters are modular and the front end can be changed without disconnecting the hydraulic motor from the system.

  • Weep holes are placed in the adaptor spool if any leaks occur that could damage the engines clutch or transmission.

HS-36 Series Pow-R-Quik Hydralic Starters pow-r-quik-hs-360-hydraulic-starters

Pow-R-Quik HS-36 Series Pdf Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

  • HS-360 5.15 cu. in (84.3 cc)
  • HS 36 Series Gear Type Hydraulic Starter

  • Friction Clutch Inertia Drives

  •  adapted from PRQ’s 23/24 and 60/61 series air starters.

  • They can be purchased with or without motors.

  • Both use friciton clutch starter drives.

  • Can be purchased less motor

  • Side and rear ports:

  • Continuous duty motors

  • S.A.E. mounting pads

  • Heavy-duty starter drives

  • Models to fit both sides of multi-pad engines

M-22 Series Pow-R-Quik Hydralic Starters pow-r-quik-m-22-hydraulic-starters

Pow-R-Quik M-22 Series Pdf Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

  • THE Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic starters M-22 Series is a piston pump motor that uses a heavy duty spring drive.

  • Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic starters M-22 Series is on barge pump packages and is generally an accumulator based system.

  • The M-22 Series by Pow-R-Quik has rear NPT ports and is rated at 3,000 psi.

  •  Produces 49 ft. lbs. of torque and will start diesel engines up to 500 CID.

  •  Imports the M-22 Series Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters from Power Works from South Africa.


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