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SA Industries

SA Industries Hydraulic Starters

Helping You Power Your Engines The First Time Every Time

SA Industries hydraulic starters are manufactured to strict engineering standards. SA Industries hydraulic starters are well suited to use in land and off-shore fracturing, cementing, pumping and power equipment. All SA Industries hydraulic starters feature friction clutch inertia drives; supplying high starting torque and maximum shock-absorbing ability. Mount To Most Popular Fracking Oil & Gas Industrial Engines

Hydraulic Starter Adapters sa-industries-hydraulic-starter-adapters 

 Hydraulic Starter AdapterSpecifications

Model          Flange   Pinion       Motor Mount                       Engine Rating Hydraulic Starter pdf icon

SA300RH-3  SAE 3  12TH  CW  SAE B 4BOLT  4.00 PILOT  800-4500 CID

SA302RH-4  SAE 3  12TH  CW  SAE B  2BOLT  4.00 PILOT  800-1500 CID

SA300RH-1L38SP  SAE 3 *  12TH  CW  SAE B  4BOLT  4.00 PILOT  800-4500 CID

SA300RH-1R38SP  SAE 3 *  12TH  CW  SAE B  4BOLT  4.00 PILOT  800-4500 CID

SA250RH-1  SAE 3  11TH  CW  SAE A 2BOLT  3.25  PILOT  250-800 CID

SA250RH-4  SAE 3  12TH  CW  SAE A 2BOLT  3.25  PILOT  250-800 CID

SA223RH-1  SAE 3  11TH  CW  SAE B 4BOLT  4.00  PILOT  250-800 CID

SA223RH-2  SAE 3  12TH  CW  SAE B 4BOLT 3.25  PILOT   250-800 CID

SA223RH-1/HA01  SAE 3  11TH  CW  SAE A  2BOLT  3.25 PILOT  250-800 CID

SA223RH-1/HA02  SAE 3  11TH  CW  SAE B  2BOLT  4.00 PILOT   250-800 CID


All Major Repair Kits Include

  • Bendix Drive, friction clutch inertia

  • Bearings

  • Seals

  • O-Rings


SA Industries Hydraulic Starters, Parts & Repair Kits

Strumco Hydraulic Starter Is Based Out Of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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