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Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters


Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Maradyne's Pow-R-Quik division manufactures and markets safe and reliable industrial and commercial starters for original equipment and aftermarket applications. Our starters are ideal for the Fracking, Gas and Oil , Marine, Mining, and Transportation Industries. Quality products at a fair price…Pow-R-Quik hydraulic starters are the right choice for your application. These starters are modular and the front end can be changed without disconnecting the hydraulic motor from the system.

Pow-R-Quik-HS Series Hydraulic Starters

Specifically designed and developed for the fracking, oil and gas service industry. Gear type hydraulic motors. Sold with or without hydraulic motors. Heavy-duty friction clutch, inertial starter drives. Sizes to fit most popular engines.

Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starting Systems

The Hydraulic Starting Systems available at Strumco Hydraulic Starter  and are used all over the world in numerous industries where reliable starting is required. For example, the marine, oil and gas, power generation, and mining industries frequently use hydraulic starting systems. Both as primary starting systems and/or auxiliary emergency starting systems for various engine applications.

  • Hand Pumps

  • Reservoirs

  • Foot Valves

  • Accessories

  • Hand Valves

  • Smart-R-Blocks

  • Piston Accumulators

  • Engine Driven Pumps

  • High Pressure Filters

  • Manifold Valve Blocks

Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valves

Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve; both HS-22 and HS-36 series are offered with this amazing product. Prevent down time with this easy to install ready to go right out of the starter box . There is nothing to adjust and nothing to worry about. Get the Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve. The Soft Engagement Valve. Pow-R-Quik Smart-R-Valve Say Goodbye to Pressure Spikes That Hammer Your Hydraulic Starters.

Smart-R-Valve P/N 6-10-603 For HS-223 Series Hydraulic Starters

Smart-R-Valve P/N 6-10-601 ForHS-360 Series Hydraulic Starters

Pow-R-Quik  HS Series Repair Kits

Kit #6-3-180 Used In

  • 6-HS-223 RH2-1 PQS74

  • 6-HS-224 RH2-1

  • 6-HS-223 RH2-1 L/M

  • 6-HS-223 RH2 PQS79

  • 6-HS-223 RH2-1 PQS74 L/M

  • 6-HS-223 RH2-1

KIT #6-3-181 Used in:

  • 6-HS-223 RH2 L/M HA03

KIT #6-3-184 Used In

  • 6-HS-223 RH1 L/M

  • 6-HS-224 RH

  • 6-HS-223 RH1

  • 6-HS-223 RH1 L/M HA02

  • 6-HS-223 RH1 BJ

  • 6-HS-223 RH1 HA02

KIT #6-3-186 Used In

  • 6-HS-223 RH1 L/M HA01

KIT #6-3-188 Used In

  • 6-HS-224 RH1 PQS79

  • 6-HS-224 RH1 RD PQS79

  • 6-HS-224 RH2

  • 6-HS-223 RH1 PQS79

  • 6-HS-223 RH1 PQS79 L/M

KIT #6-3-183 Used In

  • 360 RH1 RP01 PQS82

  • 6-HS-360 RH1

  • 6-HS-360 RH1 PQS80

  • 6-HS-360 RH1 PQS80 L/M

  • 6-HS-360 RH1 L/M

  • 6-HS-360 RH1 RP01

  • 6-HS-360 RH1-3M

Pow-R-Quik Part Numbers

  •   5-19205 1" Quick  Opening  Valve

  •   5-22056 Solenoid  Valve 12VDC

  •   5-22058 Solenoid  Valve 24VDC

  •   6-5-113 1" NPT Relay  Valve

  •   6-10-901 1 1/4" NPT Relay Valve

  •   6-10-900 1 1/2" NPT Relay Valve

  •   6-53-129 12V Solenoid  Valve 12VDC

  •   6-53-129 24V Solenoid  Valve 24VDC

  •   6-5-108 Starter Button Valve

  •   6-5-102 Muffler LS-8  1" NPT MALE

  •   6-5-103 Mufffer  LS-16 /23/24 1-1/4 NPT  FEMALE

  •   6-6-107 1-1/4  NPT Pipe Nipple  for 6-5-103  Muffler

  •   6-5-104 Muffler LS 60/61  2" NPT  FEMALE

  •   6-6-012 2" NPT  Pipe Nipple  for 6-5-104  Muffler

  •   5-19473 Muffler  SM 500  2-1/2  NPT  FEMALE

  •   6-3-180  Hydraulic Repair Kit

  •   6-3-181  Hydraulic Repair Kit

  •   6-3-182  Hydraulic Repair Kit

  •   6-3-183  Hydraulic Repair Kit

  •   6-3-184  Hydraulic Repair Kit

  •   6-3-185  Hydraulic Repair Kit

  •   6-3-186  Hydraulic Repair Kit

  •   6-3-187  Hydraulic Repair Kit

  •   6-3-188  Hydraulic Repair Kit

  •   6-3-189  Hydraulic Repair Kit


Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters, Parts & Repair Kits

Strumco Hydraulic Starter Is Based Out Of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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