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Kocsis C Series (CMD-2A)

Kocsis C Series (CMD-2A)

Kocsis C Series (CMD2A) Hydraulic Starters

Kocsis C Series (CMD-2A) hydraulic starters will turn the engine faster than an air or electric starter. Kocsis C Series (CMD-2A) hydraulic starters fits a vast array of engines with a bit of overlap on both the low and high ends. This kocsis C Series (CMD-2A) hydraulic starter model features 72 ft-lbs of torque in only a 35 lb product. Commonly used in applications which include Fracking Units, Blenders, Gensets and Pumping Engines. With the addition of a Beryllium Copper pinion, the Kocsis C Series (CMD-2A) hydraulic starters meet the requirements of Class 1, Div. 1 environments

Kocsis C Series kocsis-c-series-(cmd-2a)-hydraulic-starter

Kocsis C Series (CMD-2A) Part Number Matrix Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

New  Model Munber   Legacy Model Number

C1-11C2200-30173     CMD-2A-325

C1-11C2200-30200     CMD-2A-111/2A-298

C1-11C2200-30200-V  CMD-2A-111-SEV C

C1-12D2150-30200     CMD-308155-A

C1-12D2150-30200-V  CMD-308155-A-SEV

C1-13D2163-30188      CMD-2A-260

C1-13D2163-30200      CMD-2A-8101-A

 Kocsis C Series kocsis-c-series-(cmd-2a)-Hydraulic-Starters-Part-Breakdown-

Kocsis C Series (CMD-2A) .PDF Hydraulic Starter pdf icon

Item  Qty  Part #     Desc   Kit Required

1     1   HG-208798  Motor Housing Sub Assembly

2     1   BB-202850  Thrust Bearing  *HG-208798

3     1   HG-208798  Bearing Housing  *HG-208798

4     1   Pin  *HG-208798

5     1    SH-202724  Drive Shaft

6     1    BB100060  Ball Bearing  *KT-207839

7     1    HP-203094  Seal Holding Piece  *KT-207839

8     1    RG-100036  Retaining Ring  *KT-207839

9     1    R -1104  Retaining Ring  *KT-207839

10   1    RG-1137  Supper Seal  *KT-207839

11   1    GA-100061  O-Ring  *KT-207839

12   1    GA-100064  O-Ring  *KT-207839

13   1     BC-208711  Barrel  *KT-208828

14   1     RG-1103  Retaining Ring  *KT-208828

15   2     WA-1949  Barrel Washer  *KT-208828

16   1     SP-202663  Barrel spring  *KT-208828

17   7     Piston  *KT-208828

18   8     SC-208475  Socket Head Cap Srew

19   1     NP-403878  Nameplate  *NP-208820

20   2     SC-150-3CA  Name Plate Drive Screw

21   1     PL-208825  Port Plate

22   1     BN-1013  Needle Bearring  *KT-208825

–      1     HM-202656-1  Hydraulic Motor Assy (CW)

–      1     KT-207839  Service Kit C/D Series

–      1     KT-208828  Barrel Kit C/D Series

–      1     KT-207839  Service Kit C/D Series

Kocsis C Series kocsis-c-cmd-2a-series-flow-torque-chart

Front End Parts: Drives, Flanges, Pinion Housings

BN-1012      Needle Bearing

BN-100204  Needle Bearing

DV-202720-1  Drive Assembly (Cw)

DV-202741-1  Drive Assembly – CW (100 Ft-Lbs)

DV-204170  Drive Assembly  CW (100 Ft-Lbs)

DV-208822  Shortened DV-202741-1 (CW)

DV-208825  Shortened DV-204170 (CW)

FL-208038   Flange Spacer

GA-207691  Pinion Housing Gasket

HG-202721  Pinion Housing Assembly  (SAE 3) With Needle Bearing

HG-202737  Pinion Housing Assembly  SAE 3 Mod With Needle Bearing

HG-208843  Pinion Housing SAE 3 With Needle Bearing

HG-208848  Pinion Housing Assembly  SAE 3 Mod With Needle Bearing

SC-100196  12 Point Screw

WA-6-10BL  Lock Washer


Kocsis Series C (CMD-2A) Hydraulic Starters, Parts & Repair Kits

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