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Kocsis E Series (CME-5A)

Kocsis E Series (CME-5A)

The Starter Of Choice By Engine OEM’s

Kocsis E Series (CME-5A)the starter of choice by engine OEM’s, the Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) repeatedly produces 200 ft-lb of torque. While weighing significantly less than other gear motor driven starters at 46 lbs, the Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) provides more power per pound than others. The Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) starter can be found in applications including, but not limited to frac pumps, emergency gensets and fire pumps on offshore platforms. The Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) can start an engine up to 100 liters (6100 cu. in.).

Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) kocsis-e-series-(cme-5a)-hydraulic-starter

Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) Part Number Matrix  Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

New Model Number    Legacy Model Number

E1-11C2200-30200   CME-5A-141

E1-11C2200-30200-V   CME-5A-141-SEV



E1-12C2200-30200   CME-5A-111/CME-5A-210

E1-12C2200-30200-V   CME-5A-111/ CME-5A-210-SEV

E1-12C2200-3L200   CME-5A-229 /CME-5A-235

E1-12C2200-3L200-V   CME-5A-229/235-SEV

E1-12C2200-3R200   CME-5A-230

E1-12C2200-3R200-V   CME-5A-230-SEV

Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) kocsis-(cme-5a)-hydraulic-starter-part-breakdown

Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) Pdf Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

Item  Qty   Part #           Desc          *Kit Required

1       1       SH-206873  Drive Shaft    

2       1       HP-206883  Seal Holdier  *KT-207838

3       1       BB-206882  Ball Bearing  *KT-207838

4       1       SE-206881  Slipper Seal  *KT-207838

5       2       WA-200675  Washer

6       1       SP-206885  Barrel Spring

7       9       PT-206874  Piston

8       2       KY-4-6  Woodruff Key  *KT-207838

9       1       1001048  Retaining Ring  *KT-207838

10     1       0101137  O-Ring  *KT-207838

11     1       1002037  Retaining  *KT-207838

12     1       NP-403878  Nameplate  *NP-208820

13     2       SC-150-3ca  Name Plate Drive Screw

14     1       RG-100041  Retaining Ring

16     2       BN-100069  Needle Bearing  *PL-206875

17     1       PL-206875  Port Plate Assy

18     10     SC-208475  Socket Head Cap Screw

19     1       PN-1252  Pin  *HG-208798

21     1       BB-206958  Thrust Bearing  *HG-208356

24     1       HG-206869  Bearing Housing  *HG-208356

25     1       HG-208712  Motor Housing  *HG-208356

26     1       GA-208700  Gasket

27     1       PL-208699  Access Plate

28     2       SC-100320  Thread Cutting Screw

29     1       BC-206872  Barrel

–        1       HM-206880  Hydraulic Motor Assy (CW)

–        1       HG-208356  Housing Sub-Assembly

–        1       KT-207838  Service Kit (E Series)

–        1       KT-208829  Barrel Kit (E Series)

–        1       NP-208820  Aftermarket Name Plate

Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) kocsis-e-(cme-5a)-series-hydraulic-starter-flow-torque-graph

Front End Parts: Drives, Flanges, Pinion Housings

DV-202516   Drive Assembly (CW)

DV-207362   Shortened Drive Assembly (CW)

DV-208030   Shortened DV-202511 (CW)

DV-208823   Shortened DV-202516 (CW)

Ga-207691   Pinion Housing Gasket

HG-202567  Pinion Housing Assembly (SAE 3)

HG-207361  Pinion Housing Assembly Shortened SAE 3

HG-207498  Pinion Housing Assembly With Needle Bearing

HG-207499  Pinion Housing Assembly (Mod SAE 3) With Needle Bearing

HG-208031  Pinion Housing Assembly SAE 3 With Needle Bearing

HG-208841  Pinion Housing Assembly SAE 3 L.H. With Needle Bearing

HG-208842  Pinion Housing Assembly SAE 3 R.H. With Needle Bearing

SC-100196  Socket Head Cap Screw

WA-6-10BL  Lock Washer

 Kocsis E Series (CME-5A) Hydraulic Starters, Parts, Repair Kits

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