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Hydraulic Starter

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Hydraulic Starters * Hydraulic Starting Systems


A hydraulic starting system will turn the engine faster than an air or electric starter. The Hydraulic Starter will produce higher torque and speed resulting in faster, more efficient engine starting.

With the addition of a Beryllium Copper pinion, hydraulic starters meets the requirements of Class 1, Div. 1 environments.

Due to constant lubrication of the moving parts, hydraulic starting systems often survive the life of the engine, which results in less "lifetime cost" when compared to other starting methods.

Kocsis Hydraulic Starters front-page-hydraulic-starters

Kocsis Hydraulic Starter Part Number Matrix Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

  • Fully lubricated starter results in a long life and superior reliability in harsh environments.

  • Hand pump option allows for unlimited available starting attempts.

  • Elimination of electrical connections

  • Availability of beryllium copper gears results in spark-proof starting.

  • Modular design Hydraulic Starters allow for product flexibility.

  • Instant torque availability provides effective cold-weather starting.

  • By cranking faster at a higher torque, hydraulic starting provides faster starting.

  • A Hydraulic Starter design permits incorporation into existing hydraulic systems.

  • 100% of all hydraulic starter assemblies are tested to insure the highest quality

Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starters pow-r-quik hydraulic-starters-2

Pow-R-Quik Hydraulic Starter Pdf Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

  • Continuous duty motors.

  • S.A.E. mounting pads.

  • Heavy-duty starter drives.

  • Models to fit both sides of multi-pad engines.

  • Can be purchased less motor.

  • Side and rear ports.

  • Well suited for hydraulic Starting systems.

SA Industries Hydraulic Starters sa-industries-hydraulic-starter-adapters

 SA Industries .Pdf Hydraulic Starter pdf icon

  • The SA Industries Hydraulic Starter Mounts To Most Popular Fracking Industrial Engines.
  • The Hydraulic Starter were manufactured to strict engineering standards, enabling them to operate in the toughest of conditions.

  • The S.A. hydraulic starter is well suited to use in land and off-shore fracturing, cementing, and power equipment.

  • The S.A. hydraulic starter features friction clutch inertia drives high starting torque and maximum shock-absorbing ability.

Strumco Hydraulic Starting Systems Strumco Hydraulic Starting Systems

Custom Built hydraulic Starter Systems

  • A Hydraulic Starting System Will Turn The Engine Faster Than An Air Or Electric Starter.
  • Custom Built For The Fracking, Construction, Marine, Oil And Gas Industries.

  •  " Black Start " capability means starting without external power.  

  • Starting is always possible anywhere, anytime.

  • Each Hydraulic Starting System incorporates a hand pump / foot pump for unlimited manual recharging.

  • At -40°C / -40°F the hydraulic starter has the same torque as at normal temperature.

  • Engine driven recharge pumps recharges the Hydraulic Starter System for the next start.

  • Soft Start drive engagement for reduced mechanical stress

  • Fully packaged for system integrity and ease of installation.

  • Internally lubricated, for longevity resulting in a long life and superior reliability in harsh environments.

  • Complete with oil reservoir, filler breather and sight glass.

  • 23MPa (3300 psi) Relief valve integrated into tank.

  • Supplied with 1.8m (6ft.) hoses. Other lengths available on request.

  • Available with unlimited accumulators to determine start times.

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Strumco Hydraulic Starter A Division Of Strumco Air Starter Is Based Out Of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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