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Kocsis B Series (CMA)

Kocsis B Series (CMA)

Kocsis B Series (CMA) Hydraulic Starters

Kocsis B Series (CMA) is by far the model that is offered in the most variations. This Hydraulic Starter is commonly relied upon for dependable starting with the combination of torque and modularity. Providing 45 ft-lbs of torque in a 17 lb package, the Kocsis B Series (CMA) hydraulic starter is a workhorse. Depending on conditions, the Kocsis B Series (CMA) hydraulic starter cranks up to 18 liter (1098 cu. in.) engines which are quite common in the marine industry.

Kocsis B Series (CMA) Kocsis-b-series-(cma)-hydraulic-starter

Kocsis B Series (CMA) Starter Number Matrix Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

New Model Number  Legacy Model Number

B1-09B1106-1A200   CMA-308129-B

B1-10D2125-1A200   CMA-308002-B

B1-10D2125-1B200-D  CMA-309002-B

B1-10D2125-KA094  CMA-308003-B 

B1-10E2100-1A200   CMA-308154-B & 308329

B1-11B1130-1A200   CMA-308123-B

B1-11C2183-1A200   CMA-300111-B

B1-11C2183-3A200   CMA-308008-B

B1-12D2150-2A200   CMA-308029-B

B1-12D2150-3A200   CMA-308006-B & 308043-B

B2-12C2200-3A200   CMA-308024-B

Kocsis B Series (CMA) kocsis-b-series-cma-hydraulic-starter-parts-breakdown

PDF Pdf of KTI B Series CMA Hydraulic Starter 

#  Qty       PN        Desc     *Kit Required

1   1   NP-403878  Nameplate  *NP-208820

2   2   PL-200539  Access Plate

3   1   BB-100083  Ball Bearing  *KT-207387

4   1   HP-23078  Seal Holder  *KT-207387

5   1   RG-100039  Retaining Ring  *KT-207387

6   1   RG-100041  Retaining Ring

7   1   GA-100104  O-Ring  *KT-207387

8   1   RG-1136  Slipper Seal  *KT-207387

9   1   GA-100088  O-Ring  *KT-207387

10  2   KY-2-5  Woodruff Key

11  1   RG-100040  Retaining Ring  *KT-208827

12  2   SC-150-2CA  Name Plate Drive Screw

13  2   SC -100320  Thread Cutting Screw

15  1   SP-200535  Barrel Spring  *KT-208827

16  1   BB-200538  Thrust Bearing  *HG-208826

17  1   SH-200532  Drive Shaft 

18  1   PL-208694  Port Plate Assy

19  1   BN100093  Needle Bearing

20  8   SC-208635 Socket Head Cap Screw

21  1   HG-208826  Motor Housing Sub-Assembly

22  1   BC-208820  Barrel  *KT-208827

23  7   PT-208822  Piston  *KT-208827

–     1   HM-200584  Hydraulic Motor Assembly (CW)

–     1   NP-208820  Aftermarket Nameplate

–     1   KT-207387  Service Kit-A/B Series

–     1   KT-208827  Barrel Kit-B Series

Kocsis B Series (CMA) kocsis-b-series-(cma)-hydraulic-starter-flow-charts

Drives, Flanges, Pinion Housing

BN-100091  Needle Bearing

BN-100093  Needle Bearing

DV-206656  Drive Assembly (CW)

DV206670  Spring Drive Assembly

DV-206671  Spring Drive Assembly (CCW)

DV-206672  Spring Drive Assembly (CW)

DV-206676  Drive Assembly (CW)

DV-206686  Drive Assembly (CW)

DV-206689  Spring Drive Assembly (CCW/B Series)

FL-200543  Mounting Flange (SAE 2)

FL-200545  Mounting Flange (SAE 3)

FL-200547   Flange (SAE1)

FL-200694   Mounting Flange

GA-203068  Housing Gasket (A Series/B Series)

HG-200541  Pinion Housing Assembly

HG-200689  2 Bolt Pinion Housing Assembly

SC-100196  12 Point Cap Screw

SC-100251  12 Point Flange Cap Screw

SC-100272  12 Point Flange Cap Screw

SC-100273  12 Pt Screw

WA-6-10BL  Lock Washer

WA-6-10CA  Lock Washer

Kocsis B Series (CMA) Hydraulic Starters, Parts & Repair Kits

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