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Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A)

Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A)

The Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A) Produces 120 ft-lbs Of Torque

Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A) Hydraulic Starters are common in numerous applications, including fire pumps, gensets and frac pumps. The Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A) model of Hydraulic starter dependably starts engines up to 41 liter displacement (2500 cu. in.). This starter is commonly relied upon for dependable starting with the combination of torque and modularity.

Kocsis D Series CMD-3A)kocsis-d-series-(cmd-3a)-hydraulic-starters

Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A) Part Number Matrix  Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

New Part Number   Legacy Part Number 

D1-11C2200-3L200-H   CMD-308310

D1-12C2200-30173   CMD-308246

D1-12C2200-30173-V   CMD-308246-SEV

D1-12C2200-30200   CMD-3A-111/209/214

D1-12C2200-30200-B   CMD-3A-224

D1-12C2200-30200-C   CMD-3A-236

D1-12C2200-30200-EV  CMD-308278

D1-12C2200-30200-V   CMD-3A-111/209/214-SEV

D1-12C2200-3L200   CMD-3A-221

D1-12C2200-3R200   CMD-3A-252 / 222

Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A) kocsis-d-series-(cmd)-3a-hydraulic-starter-parts breakdown

Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A) PDF Hydraulic Starter pdf icon 

Item Qty  Part #         Disc     *Kit Required

1      1     HG-208846  Motor Housing Sub Assy

2      1     BB-202850  Thrust Bearing  *HG-208846

3      1     PN-1252  Pin  *HG-208798

4      1     HG-202676  Bearing Housing  *HG-208846

5      1     SH-202660  Drive Shaft

6      1     BB-100060  Ball Bearing  *KT-207839

7      1     RG-100036  Retaining Ring  *KT-207839

8      1     HP-203094  Seal Holder  *KT-207839

9      1     GA-100064  O-Ring  *KT-207839

10    1     GA-100061  O-Ring  *KT-207839

11    1     RG-1137  Slipper Seal  *KT-208739

12     1    RG-1104  Retaining Ring  *KT-207839

13     2    KY-4-6  Woodruff Key  *KT-207839

14     1    BC-208711  Barrel  *KT-208828

15     7    PT-208704  Piston   *KT-208828

16     1    SP-202663  Barrel Spring  *KT-208828

17     1    RG-1103  Retaining Ring  *KT208828

18     2    WA-1949  Barrel Washer  *KT-208828

19     1    PL-208825  Port Plate

20     1    BN-1013  Needle Bearing  *PL-208825

21     1    PL-208699  Access Plate

22     1     GA208700  Gasket

23     2     SC-100320  Thread Cutting Screw

24     2     NP-403878  Nameplate  *NP-208820

25     2     SC-150-3CA  Name Plate Drive Screw

26     8     SC-100251  Socket Head Cap Screw

–       1    HM-202656-3  Hydraulic Motor Assy(CW)

–       1    NP-208820  Aftermarket Nameplate

–       1    KT-207839  Service Kit C/D Seies

–       1    KT-208828  Barrel Kit C/D Series

Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A) kocsis-d series-(cmd-3a)-torque-flow graft

Front End  Parts Drives Flanges Pinion Housing

BN-1012  Needle Bearing Used In HG-202567

BN-207363  Needle Bearing Used In HG-207361

BN-208029  Needle Bearing Used In HG-208841 & HG-208842

DV-202511  Drive Assembly (CW)

DV-207362  Shortened Drive Assembly (CW)

DV-208030  Shortened DV-202511 (CW)

DV-208823  Shortened DV-202516 (CW)

FL-208038  Flange Spacer

GA-207691  Pinion Housing Gasket

HG-202567  Pinion Housing Assembly

HG-207361  Pinion Housing Assembly  Shortened SAE 3 With Needle Bearing

HG-207498  Sae 3 Pinion Housing Assembly (RH Engine Mount) With Needle Bearing

HG-207499  Sae 3 Pinion Housing Assembly (LH Engine Mount) With Needle Bearing

HG-208031  Pinion Housing Assembly SAE 3 With Needle Bearing

HG-208841  Pinion Housing Assembly SAE 3 L.H. With Needle Bearing

HG-208842  Pinion Housing Assembly SAE 3 R.H. With Needle Bearing

SC-100196  12 Point Screw

WA-6-10BL  Lock Washer

Kocsis D Series (CMD-3A) Hydraulic Starters, Parts & Repair Kits,

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