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Gali H10 Hydraulic Starter

Gali H10 Hydraulic Starter

Gali H10 Series Hydraulic Starter

Gali H10 Hydraulic Starter Pdf gali_H10_hydraulic_starter

The Hydraulic Starter H10 is designed to start up diesel engines with a displacement of 5-8 dm3.

The energy used comes from an hydraulic station equipped with a manual or electrical pump depending on the final application.

The design of this starter is based in a Hydraulic motor of displacement pistons and equipped with inertia engagement system.

It is mounted into the engine by frontal flange to permit the easiest assembly procedure.

Very reliable as an emergency starting system, because it is aclosed and independent circuit with few mechanisms.



Gali H10 Hydraulic Starter Dimensionsdimensions_h10

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